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Aperture & Shutter Speed

Aperture & Shutter Speed

ISO & Histogram

ISO & Histogram

Light & the Light Meter

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Learn and understand the fundamentals of light. how the light meter "sees" the world from the camera eye, understand the various metering modes and when to use them.

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Without light, there would be no photography (photography is 'drawing with light'). Understanding what light is, how it interacts with objects, and how it's recorded by our eyes and the camera is fundamental to making great photographs. The light meter could be considered the voice of the camera, providing the information you need to get the exposure you want. This class is taught with plain language and technical terms are explained. This is not a science class, but science is involved (sorry, can't avoid it). You will, though, have a better understanding of light, color temperature, behaviors of light, and other properties crucial to photography.

This class can be held in person or online. In-person, one-on-one instruction may incur a travel charge outside my local area. Please Contact Me me to discuss options and additional fees if you are outside the Boise/Meridian/Caldwell area.