The Ecology of Photography: Senses & Perception


The Ecology of Photography is an exploration of the “why” behind how we perceive the world around us through our senses and perceptions, and how that influences the type of photographs we make.


The Ecology of Photography explores the foundations of art making: our senses and perceptions, space, curiosity, cognition, and how those elements impact the way we view and interpret our world and the photographs we make. This is an exploration of the “why” of photography, not the “how”, based on years of experience as both a biologist and artist, thoughts and research about the process of photography and art making. While centered around photography, this book is also useful for all artists who are exploring their own way of experiencing and interpreting their world and communicating that to others. Includes a gallery of 80 photographs made in Scotland. 110 pages, perfect bound, dimensions: 8 in x 10 in (20 cm x 25 cm).

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