Selecting & Sequencing Your Photographs class times: Feb 5-Mar 18; On Request



Skill Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Duration: 12 hours (12 sessions plus individual time)
Prerequisite: A body of work to support building a portfolio
Dates: On Request
Location: Art Source Gallery, 1516 W Grove St, Boise

Class Topics

Why organize?
Selecting photos for a project or purpose
Organizing photographs
Sequencing photographs
Writing an artist statement
Presenting your work

One of the difficult tasks for photographers is choosing a group of photographs for a certain purpose, whether it’s a website portfolio, vacation slideshow, a photo book, a photo exhibition, or a grant application. This class will prepare you for that task and at the end you will have created a portfolio of your own work for a purpose you have chosen. During this 6-week class, you will learn to select, organize, and sequence photographs, be more adept and knowledgeable at self-assessment of your work and that of others, write a comprehensible artist statement or portfolio essay, and be more confident meeting the goals of portfolio creation. There will be two presentations of your portfolio; one to the class of your developing project and a one-on-one review with me of your final portfolio. A one-week break in the schedule occurs between sessions 4 and 5 to allow time to work on portfolio refinements. This workshop is 12 hours of classroom time plus individual time outside of class.

This class is available online for those out of the area. If you would like to schedule an online class (one-on-one), let me know.

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