Photo III, The Project class times: On Request



Skill Level:  Intermediate, Advanced
Duration: 14 hours (Seven 2-hr sessions)
Prerequisite: Photo II, Composition II
Dates: On Request
Location: TBA

Class Topics

You and a friend: $375 each
Just you: $525

Genres & approaches to storytelling
Planning & researching the project
Organizing the project
Presenting the project
Giving and receiving feedback

In this 7-week class, students will be challenged to apply the foundational knowledge gained in Photo I & II, Composition I & II, and your own experience, to complete a creative and/or personal photography project. We’ll discuss the purpose and benefits of creating personal projects, the process of developing a project from start to finish, and options for the final form of the project – prints for exhibition or portfolio, online presentation, book, etc. We’ll review and discuss examples of photo projects for structure, presentation, and inspiration. Students will choose a theme or subject and make or compile a series of photographs interpreting their theme and/or telling a story about their subject.

Between class sessions each week, students continue to develop their creative and critical skills making photographs for their project. During class sessions, students receive constructive feedback from round-table discussions to help identify ways to improve their interpretation and clarify their story to the viewer, including technical, organizing, and aesthetic aspects of the photographs.

We’ll discuss the structure of storytelling and the various genres and approaches to storytelling, how to develop ideas, pre-plan, research, and produce a series start to finish. The use of additional tools like image processing software, lenses, filters, lighting, and other camera accessories can be explored as enhancements to the project.

This class can be held in person or online. In-person, one-on-one instruction may incur a travel charge outside my local area. Please Contact Me me to discuss options and additional fees if you are outside the Boise/Meridian/Caldwell area.

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