Tuition: varies (see description)
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Duration: varies (see description)
Prerequisite: None
Dates: On Request
Location: TBA

Class Topics

Are you ready to make your photography dreams and goals a reality? Are you determined to commit time to your love of photography but aren’t sure where to begin or how to grow further on your own? Would you like private, individual, customized instruction about camera operation, techniques, critique of work, or anything else photography related?

One of the best ways to improve as a photographer and artist is to know someone you can turn to who can provide you with private, personal, one-on-one guidance and help you down the creative path, pushing you to excel and evolve your personal photographic style and vision, and objectively giving you constructive feedback on your work and progress.

One-on-One consultation can be used for private learning or improving your photography skills on a short-term basis (1 – 8 hours per session) or long-term mentoring. Flexibility of scheduling is a great advantage to the One-on-One approach. Meeting times can be arranged at mutually-beneficial times, making it easy to work into your busy schedule. Fees range from $60 for 1 hour to $360 for 8 hours. Other arrangements for longer-term instruction/mentoring can be made. If you have questions about the amount of time needed for the instruction you want, let me know and I’ll be happy assist you. Typically, to address a single issue like understanding exposure, working with a gallery, or pricing your work, a 2-hour session provides a good basic understanding to work from. 4 hours is useful for more in-depth exploration of one or two topics, such as environmental or studio lighting, or for camera operation or composition practice on a short field trip. 8 hours or more are best for complete coverage, such as individual instruction on the topics covered in Photography I or Composition, assistance with a photo project or portfolio building, in-depth business structure work, personal photo projects, etc.

Here are some of the many topics I can assist you with on a One-on-One basis:

Understanding Light
Understanding Exposure
Basic to Advanced Camera Operation and Techniques
Basic to Advanced Composition
Understanding Software (photo-related)
Setting up your computer for photo-processing and archiving
Business of Photography
Portfolio Building & Review
Working with a Gallery
Creative Personal Assignments & Projects
Environmental Lighting and Flash/Studio Lighting
Editing (selecting) Images for Portfolio, Gallery, Book, Contest, etc.
Photo Trip/Vacation Preparation
More…just ask. If I’m unable to assist you I’ll help you find someone who can


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