Intro to Cyanotype Printing class times: On Request



Skill Level: All Levels
Duration: 4 hours (one session)
Prerequisite: None
Dates: On Request
Location: 1516 W Grove St, Boise

Class Topics

Overview of the cyanotype history and process
Brief chemistry overview
Equipment and materials needed
What can you print on?

Cyanotype printing is one of the first photographic printing processes. Invented in 1842, it was also the process used to create the first book illustrated with photographs; Photographs of British Algae, printed in 1843. Also known as sun prints or blueprints, cyanotype can be a cameraless process, doesn’t require a darkroom, prints develop in water, and it’s a versatile, archival medium, among other aspects. In this class, I’ll introduce you to the history of the cyanotype in relation to the history of photography, briefly describe the chemistry, process, and safety, then we’ll make cyanotype prints using collected items I will have and you can bring (photograms) and prepared negatives. Provided: pre-sensitized paper and all materials for making cyanotype prints. Before the class, you’ll receive instructions about materials to bring for making photograms.

If you would like to proceed with more advanced cyanotype printing, I will be offering 3 more classes dealing with making and applying your own sensitizer on different mediums, making digital negatives, bleaching and toning, and a workshop in which we’ll plan, create, and assemble a handmade book of your cyanotype prints.

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