Annular Solar Eclipse, Oct 13-15


Tuition: $425
Deposit: Full amount due on registration
Dates: October 13-15, 2023
Type of Excursion: Workshop
Skill Level: All Levels
Duration: 3 days
Group Size Min: 4 Max: 8

  • Eclipse photography and viewing
  • Astrophotography
  • Landscape
  • Camera Operation
  • Exposure, Working with light
  • Workflow
  • Filters, Time Lapse, & Long Exposure

  • Instruction, image review & feedback
  • One-hour pre-workshop Zoom meet-n-greet & prep
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation from Nampa/Boise (by arrangement) or personal vehicle
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages

  • Meals (there is a kitchen or local restaurants)
  • Alcoholic beverages and personal snacks
  • Personal items & expenses
  • Fees for activities not included in the itinerary
  • Travel insurance (recommended)


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Join Mike Shipman to view and photograph a relatively rare annular solar eclipse in the high desert of Nevada, right in the middle of the sun’s path across North America.

During a total solar eclipse, the Moon’s position between the Sun and Earth exactly covers the disk of the sun, blotting out the Sun’s light. An annular (from the word ‘annulus’, meaning ring-shaped) eclipse occurs when the Moon is farther from the Earth, and as it passes in front of the Sun, its size doesn’t cover the entirety of the Sun’s disk, leaving a bright ring of sunlight around the Moon, the so-called ring of fire.

Eclipses aren’t the most lengthy of natural phenomenon, and this annular eclipse is no different, the ring of fire lasting slightly less than 5 minutes. Although the entire eclipse process from start to finish will take about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Our observation point will be as close to the enter of the path of the eclipse as possible, to both ensure an even ring of fire and the longest eclipse time.

Our basecamp for the weekend is Ely, Nevada. Our accommodation will be a 1930s era historic Victorian home with period furnishings and decoration. In addition to the eclipse on Saturday morning, we’ll be doing some astrophotography on Friday and Saturday nights, weather permitting. Telescopes welcome!

Prior to the workshop, I will invite you to an hour-long Zoom call to help you be prepared for the event. We’ll cover equipment, filters, safety, and how to get the best images during this short event. It does go quickly, but the results last a lifetime, both in images and the overall experience.

Accommodations in the house are for 3 additional singles or 3 couples (4 beds, 4 rooms) plus a couch or two and floor space if you don’t mind. I have room in my vehicle for 2 traveling from Nampa/Boise. If you are bringing a telescope, let me know so we can coordinate packing the vehicle. A larger van or SUV can be rented if needed or you can drive yourself. There are RV and tent campgrounds in the area, also.

The workshop will take place regardless of weather.

A release form, gear list and other information will be mailed to you upon registration.