A very short list of locations near Boise very suitable for Nature and Landscape Photography

I gave a program this week at Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge about Nature and Landscape Photography. I was asked by a few of the attendees to repeat the list of locations I put up near the end of my program. So, here they are. You can easily search out the specific location and directions from where you are as well as additional information about the area. Good luck and happy shooting!

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Nampa ID
Bruneau Dunes State Park
Celebration Park, Melba ID
Shoshone Falls/Perrine Coulee Falls, Twin Falls ID
MK Nature Center, Boise ID
Stanley/Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Stanley ID
Wilson Ponds, Nampa ID
Jump Creek, Canyon County (Marsing) ID
Hulls Gulch, Boise ID
Bogus Basin, Boise ID
Arrowrock Reservoir/Atlanta Road, Boise – Atlanta ID
Eagle Island State Park, Eagle ID
Idaho City ID
Silver City ID
McCall/Ponderosa State Park/Little Payette Lake/Lick Creek, ID
Warren Wagon Road/Warren (NE of McCall) ID
Camas Prairie/Centennial Marsh, Fairfield ID
City of Rocks National Reserve, Cassia (S of Burley) ID
Castle Rocks State Park, Almo (same area as City of Rocks)
Craters of the Moon National Monument, Arco

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