The Serengeti and the Highway

In addition to the critical ecological value of the Serengeti, its economic value to the region and the world is also very important. Tourism fuels local economies and livelihoods from hotels and staff to guides, auto mechanics, park rangers, grocers, farmers, etc. and world economies including airlines, travel agents, photo and wildlife viewing workshop instructors, equipment and clothing manufacturers and designers, publishers of tourism guides, field guides, and magazines, studios, producers and cinematographers of wildlife and nature documentaries…..the list goes on. With the highway comes death of thousands or millions of animals, urbanization of one of the last great remaining wilderness areas on Earth, and the loss (in your lifetime) of one of the wonders of the world. So sad, when there is a much more viable alternative available approved by numerous ecologists and world governments. You should let your Senator and Congressman know you support saving the Serengeti so they can help pressure the Tanzanian government to do the right thing. You may never go there, but your children might. There is absolutely no good reason for this highway to go forward.

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