9 Steps to Work Less and Do More, book release

One of the biggest issues facing freelance photographers is managing our time. As a sole-proprietor (unless you have a staff), we’re responsible for planning and executing photo shoots as well as attracting and keeping clients, accounting & bookkeeping, negotiating and servicing contracts, processing photos, maintaining a website, archiving and backing up digital files, networking, developing new and creative projects, upgrading and maintaining camera and computer equipment and software, learning new photography techniques, learning new business methods, filing, cleaning and organizing the office and studio, traveling to and from photo shoots and meetings, various kinds of research, continuing education about things not directly related to photography, keeping up with industry trends, goofing off, and a host of other tasks and activities.

Keeping up with this plethora of seemingly endless, often repetitive, and sometimes boring tasks can drive a person mad. Unmanaged time can create such a jumble and confusion that everything suffers. How do you keep it all in line? For most of us, having an organized life is not something that comes naturally. Growing up, we had parents to tell us what to do, then it was our teachers, then our bosses, then our spouse(s). As a freelancer, we’re on our own. Freedom! Nobody to tell us to do anything. And now we’re in trouble because we’re not organized and may not know how to be.

Admittedly, there are a ton of self-help books out there touting the Next Best Thing in personal professionalism, organization, networking, making a bazillion dollars with a toothbrush and handful of safety pins, etc. I’ve looked at a bunch of them and my primary complaint with many of them is fluff; lots of words (testimonials and case studies touting how great the author is to have saved so many people from disaster, personal stories and name-dropping that are peripheral to the point, etc.) to fill in the space around a few pages worth of helpful or sort-of-helpful hints.

Stever Robbins, a veteran of 9 start-ups including Intuit, FTP Software, and HEAR Music, has released a new book, “9 Steps to Work Less and Do More” (sample chapters and podcasts available for download on that page). My full review of this book will be coming soon, but it appears on first glance to be very capable of providing useful help to unorganized freelancers to the point without the fluff.

Stever has posted several videos on YouTube that are informative (here’s one on negotiating):

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