Idaho Photojournalism Alliance

A new organization for photographers currently employed as and those interested in a career in photojournalism and networking invites you to join and participate in the Idaho Photojournalism Alliance.
Mission Statement:
The Idaho Photojournalism Alliance will be a resource for working editorial photographers in the state. Members, as well as non-members, will be able to contact the Alliance and obtain information regarding ethics in photojournalism, training on various aspects of the profession and critiques and insight on development for students and professionals new to photojournalism. Members will be able to participate in a quarterly clip display as well as earn a spot in the Alliance’s “Best of Idaho” year in review. The Alliance will offer its experience and insight to educators as well as other media professionals to help explain and train individuals on the role of visual journalists and the importance of documenting Idaho’s history with a camera.

Membership is just $35/yr, $20 for students, and there is a “Friend of photojournalism” membership that is $15 (I assume for non-photographers). Freelancers are also welcome in addition to staff photographers and students.

I visited the Idaho PA website and, unfortunately, could not find out if they meet on a regular basis, when, where, or at what time. This should be something attended to promptly, I think. At least post whether they do meet regularly and post it in an obvious place on the site.

If you want more information (about the purpose of IPA, when their next meeting is, etc.) you can contact Charlie Litchfield (Idaho Press Tribune) or Joe Jaszewski (Idaho Statesman).

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