Authors@Google – A gem in the rough

We’ve all bad-mouthed YouTube. There’s certainly a lot of crap posted there. However, among the dross are gems. One of the brilliant gems is Authors@Google, a series of videos shot at Google’s campus of visiting authors, scientists, philosophers, photographers, artists, etc., the minds of our day giving a piece of their world.

A recent video is an hour and ten minutes presented by Joe McNally, photographer for Sports Illustrated, the New York Daily News, National Geographic, People Magazine, and others through his freelance work. It’s well worth sitting down and paying attention. For some, it will be validation, for others it will be a learning experience, for others it will be both.

I apparently had some issue with the embedded video, so I took it out. It was screwing with the page format. So, you can go to Google and fine Joe McNally yourself, I suppose. That’s what Google’s all about anyway, right? Searching for stuff?

It’s a good vid, worth the effort.

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