What’s in a personality?

Lately I’ve been too busy and/or not inspired to post anything to the ol’ blog. The holidays, various projects, and life’s intervention conspire to keep me from my fans.

Tonight I happened to be browsing the web, researching one of those projects, and came across a blog that had one of those links you sometimes follow just because you’re a little bored doing what you’re doing and want to take a break. Well, that link was to the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

This is a test so you can understand your personality type, which has as its base either introvert or extrovert and four additional psychoses, I mean, behaviors, such as Intuition, Sensing, Feeling, and Thinking. There’s a free basic test on the website and I guess you can pay for a more in-depth review of your inner brain if you wish.

It’s certainly interesting to find that the behavioral tendencies of the entire human race fall within essentially 8 psychological profiles. Actually, since I read them all, I think most of us straddle maybe 2 of those profiles depending on our mood at any given moment. And, while the descriptions seem to be relatively accurate, how objective is the test, really? I’m not a psychoanalyst, so don’t believe a word I say, but these tests do seem to me to have a bit of the self-fulfilling-prophesy about them. I suppose these profiles are developed after decades of talking with thousands of folks, both normal and wholesome and twisted and demented. That’s not the scientist in me talking, pay no attention.

I wonder what it does for me to find out what I pretty much already know about myself, unless this information is to wake me up to the fact that there are other people out there besides the ones that piss me off. Wait a minute. Maybe there is something there. You mean to tell me that if I knew what a person’s psychobabble profile is I could interact with them better? Employers could respond to the needs of employees in a more satisfying and rewarding manner? Businesses could tailor their customer service to provide the best service to the widest range of clients?

Hmmmm. Maybe it would help if all wore our MBTI code on our clothing. “Hi, I’m INTJ. Oh, I see you’re ENTJ……………………”

I added a new blog link category….business….and its first link. It’s to Seth Godin’s blog, well worth a read, he has some very good views on business that apply to everyone. Check it out.

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