Digital Railroad – another archive site

Another company specializing in digital file management, marketing, sales, distribution and archiving is Digital Railroad (went out of business in 2008).

Digital Railroad offers 20 GB storage for $49.95/month with a one-year contract and a $99 one-time setup fee. If you prepay for the year you save 10% (44.95/month) and the setup fee is waived.

Additional storage is 20 – 50GB $18, 500GB – 1TB $390/month and 1TB – 2TB $750/month.

Features are about the same as PhotoShelter (see next post), with searchable catalogs, sales and distribution, promotion.

I think these sites are going to be more popular because of all the background operations the service provides that the stock or fine art photographer doesn’t or shouldn’t need to do nor has time for. For photographers who are hiring website designers and paying premiums for hosting, the fees charged by the likes of Digital Railroad and PhotoShelter are about the same or even much less.

I’ve had a website since 1994 and have been doing the design work on it myself since the beginning. However, I’m not able to keep up with the technology in that area, so my website has begun to suffer in features, updates, design elements, etc. While I’ve considered hiring out the design and maintenance of the website, I prefer to be hands on with it as much as possible. These services are not only appealing to photographers without websites or the skill to create one on their own. They provide the ability to have offsite protected image storage, customizable features and templates, and a host of other components that make it more appealing to busy professional photographers who still like to tinker with their websites.

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