Now for something completely different

If you ever want to test the durability of your camera equipment, photograph a motorcycle hill climb. Especially in the dry, dusty, hot and sweaty conditions of southwest Idaho. These photographs were shot this past summer. There are 2 hills, one run has a length of 250 ft and is the “small” hill. The other is over 460 ft, with the upper 100 or so feet nearly vertical. The top 3 photos are from the small hill and the remaining images are on the big hill. At the end of the day, it looked like I and my camera had just been dug up out of the ground. The motorcycle in the bottom photograph, if you notice, is missing its rider.

As a wildlife biologist and conservationist, this type of activity creates some interesting feelings and internal debates while at the same time fuels my photographic intent of showing the human interaction and connection with nature, however slim, destructive, endearing, or nurturing.

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