A bit about myself

I’m not a professionally-trained photographer. I’m self-taught. Been photographing almost my whole life, but wasn’t your typical photo guy, no yearbook jobs, mostly snapshots until the 80s when I started getting pretty serious. My education, degree, and career is/was wildlife biology. Spent a few years with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Colorado State Parks, private consulting (had an influence in the design of the newest U.S. ski resort), the Denver Museum of Natural History, then decided I should switch gears and become a photographer since I did a lot of that when I was out in the field. So, here it is. Opened a full time studio in May, 2004 and continue to make a run at it. It’s tough, but I love working for myself. Sometimes the government can get under your skin just a little. My website is www.blueplanetphoto.com if you want to check it out.

The photo is the Middle Fork of the Boise River, up the river about 40 miles from Boise, Idaho.

I shoot commercial (products, storefronts, architecture, etc.), fine art (nature, abstracts, hot rods, figure studies, anything that attracts my eye), conduct classes and workshops and plan the occasional trip (working on my 2006 schedule now). I also have a line of photo-imaged products that I make here in the studio (stone coasters, glass cutting boards, decorative tile murals, etc.).

I don’t know exactly what this blog is going to contain, or how often I’ll update it. I’ll shoot for once a week and also show new photos, pass on interesting information I come across, and probably list some upcoming events. You never know.

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