Small group photography classes, workshops, trips, private one-on-one instruction, fine art prints, handmade books, and more

Classes for the beginner to advanced photographer, amateur or pro. My goal is to empower you to be a better photographer by Breaking the Barriers to Creative VisionTM and building a strong foundation of knowledge from which to grow. With that foundation, you will know which shooting mode best suits your situation, why your photos work or don”t work, and how to make the adjustments to fix them. There are three categories of classes: Foundation, Creative, and Business. Foundation classes include choosing your first camera/upgrading, camera operation, photography theory, and workflow. Creative classes range from using filters and inc-camera effects to processing in Photoshop. Business classes cover setting up your business, copyright, contracts, pricing, and more. All classes can be scheduled as private one-on-one instruction or customized for groups. Gift Cards are available.

Small group workshops and trips suited to all skill levels are meant to challenge, inspire, and excite you. Emphasis is on exploring and understanding your personal motivations and perceptions, using all your senses to expand and enhance your awareness, and getting the most from the photographic tools available to you. Join me and visit beautiful locations, popular and not-so-well-known, to make meaningful images, improve your skill, and explore, experiment, challenge, and discover or expand your individual creativity. Workshop size averages 6 participants and there will never be more than 10 to ensure personalized instruction. Workshop length ranges from 1 – 12+ days anywhere on Earth and can be customized for groups or individualized one-on-one adventures. Gift Cards are available.

Socrates said The best learning takes place on a log, with the teacher on one end and the student on the other. One of the best ways to improve as a photographer and artist is to know someone you can turn to who can provide you with individualized guidance and help you down the creative path, pushing you to excel, to evolve your personal photographic style and vision, and objectively provide constructive feedback on your work and progress. One-on-One consultation can be used for private learning or improving your photography skills on a short-term basis (2 – 8 hours) or long-term mentoring (3 – 12 months). Flexibility of scheduling is a great advantage since meeting times can be arranged to fit learning into your busy schedule, there is no competition with other students, all your questions are answered, and the session will never proceed without the student. Gift Cards are available.

My Fine Art Photographic PrintsWoodPrints, and Cyanotype Prints Prints are museum quality and ready for matting and framing by your chosen vendor or, in the case of WoodPrints, ready to hang. At this time, sales are print only, shipped flat or rolled, depending on size. Subject matter ranges from oceanscapes to abstracts from around the world. Gift Cards are available.

Here you’ll find my Self-Published and Handmade/Hand Bound Books. The books I have available contain my own content. Some are photo books, others are essays or information, and there are fiction books sprinkled in. Books are of two types; self-published through a service or handmade and hand bound by me. Books self-published through a service are open edition. The type of book is listed. Handmade books are designed, printed, and bound by me in limited editions of 15, unless otherwise stated. Information for each book is found in its individual listing. Gift Cards are available.

This is where I have stuff for you, like desktop quotes in a handy CD case that reverses to become the stand, StencilPrints, monotype prints, t-shirts, and miscellaneous things that don’t fit easily into either the PRINT or BOOK category. Gift Cards are available.

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